Welcome to LIZ JACOB

With so many clothing options already available for kids, why did we choose to come with yet another option?

Liz Jacob is for those parents who value handmade, handlooms and simplistic elegance. Our range appeals to a mindset that values artisanal work and pays attention to the handcrafted story behind the garment. They enjoy the organic, soft mull fabrics that we use and have evolved design sensibilities leaning towards a pastel palette and simple silhouettes that don’t scream loud for attention.

Liz Jacob’s core design principles are as below:

• Simple and elegant silhouettes for all occasions

• Handcrafted clothes with artistic value

• Huge emphasis on the finer details of the garment and not on mass-manufacturing

• Fabric prints that are differentiated and elegant

• Use of only natural fibres and organic cottons printed with safe, natural pigments

• A label that is sustainable and ethical in their manufacturing practices and empowers the artisan community

• All at a reasonable price

The Liz Jacob range has evolved over the last three years to become everything that it committed to be. We source the softest of cottons that children will love. We combine artistic techniques of block printing, screen printing, hand paintings, applique and embroidery to create a range that is fun, fresh and creative. And, we support an artisan community and feel honoured to contribute to their livelihood. Everything we do, we do it with utmost sincerity and respect for everyone involved.

And, what’s more important, we do limited runs to ensure your child is wearing something really exclusive. This is the reason you don’t find our range everywhere.

Email us at: founder@lizjacob.com for more details.

Founder & Designer

Liz Jacob is the creative expression of designer Elizabeth Jacob who is based out of Bangalore, South India. With over 11 years of brand communications and marketing work experience in well known multinational companies across industries, she decided it was time to follow her passion for design. Elizabeth combines her skills in illustration design with interesting fabrics and styles to create a range that’s unique and charming for young children.

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Liz Jacob