Dressing up alike is always fun!

All of us have wonderful, precious memories of our growing-up years, especially those moments of dressing up with a sibling or a dear cousin. I have a sister who is seven years elder to me and I have amazing memories of our childhood. She was the big sister who always shared or rather even sacrificed her share for me. I have great memories of us going for lazy strolls through the evergreen paddy fields, eating pickled mangoes out of a huge ceramic jar, gathering cloves that were shed by the tree and wearing similar outfits stitched out of mom’s old sarees. Those were the days!

Dressing up siblings alike is a strong sentiment every parent feels at some point or the other. Siblings dressed alike also create lovely photo opportunities. I’m sure most of us have at least one such photograph from our childhood that makes us smile even today. I do. So, why break that happy tradition for our kids?

At Liz Jacob, we wanted to create coordinated sets for siblings that were not identical as we believe no two individuals are. Each one is gifted with their own unique personality and talents. So after much thought, we brought in variations in styles but kept the synergy through the use of the same fabric or colour tones.

Take a look at what we’ve got: