Is pink mainly for girls and blue for boys? Aren’t we falling prey to an age old kidswear stereotyping?

In the year 1918, a trade publication stated that colour pink in kidswear was more appropriate for boys, as it was a stronger, bolder colour. The pastel tones of blue, considered dainty and prettier then, were recommended as better suited for girls. Interesting!

Today’s common belief that pink is for girls and blue is for boys is a result of a marketing ploy in the 1940s, that aimed at higher sales of kidswear products. The strong association of these colours in kidswear to a particular gender just made┬áit difficult for parents to share the same set of clothing for their boy and girl babies.

Watch the interesting video below to see the history of ‘Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys’

Just forget the colour stereotypes. Choose colours based on what looks good on your child

Here are some looks we created with ‘Pink for Boys’ and ‘Blue for Girls’ and we love it!

Liz Jacob Girls Skirt Set


Liz Jacob Boys Shirt


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